Fran Veen Shiatsu Chairmasseur

Shiatsu treatment

A Shiatsu treatment is given on my chair on the workfloor of your company. A relaxing treatment after which you are fit and energized in your body again.

It is a responsable and accessible way (you will be treated through your clothing) to prevent sickleave due to stress, RSI and other inconveniences.

Hidden causes come to light earlier. Prevention is better than cure.

Origin of Shiatsu

Shiatsu has its origin in Acupuncture. In the 6th century Acupuncture travelled from China to Japan. Due to lack of needles people were treated by thumb and palmpressure on the meridians, causing everything to flow better again.

A Shiatsu treatment is from head to toe. (Try-out is possible).

Be welcome on my chair

€ 50 per hour, excl 21% tax
3 people for 20 minutes

Masseur at the door

Shiatsu at home € 20
(excl 21% tax and travel costs)


06 23038001

Practice: Emmastraat 187, 7513 BC Enschede
KvK: 08181299
Btw-id: NL 001947887B94

Visual Portfolio, Posts & Image Gallery for WordPress



Visual Portfolio, Posts & Image Gallery for WordPress

Shiatsu chairmassage on the floor of greenhouse of Ecocentrum Emma 2018

Shiatsu stoelmassage in the kitchen of Saskia 2019

Shiatsu chairmassage on the shop floor of Devosa 2020

Shiatsu chairmassage on the open day of the manege 2021

Shiatsu stoelmassage good for rider hence good for horse

Shiatsu stoelmassage in my own kitchen 2022

Shiatsu stoelmassage in my own kitchen 2022

Shiatsu Chairmassages at Earth Cafe, Enschede

Shiatsu Chairmassage on the workfloor


Visual Portfolio, Posts & Image Gallery for WordPress

Hands on Tao Shiatsu institute Finland, certificate of participation of Shiatsu Intensive of Fransis Veen

Shiatsu in company, certificate of participation of Fransis Veen Shiatsu therapist

Shiatsu in company, Diploma shiatsumasseur in Company, Fransis Veen

International Shiatsu school Belgium, certificate Shiatsu Fransis Veen

Curriculum Vitae


2019 Healing points, Jaana Siltasalmi Finland
2006-2008 Shiatsu in Bedrijf, Shiatsu therapeuten opleiding Arnhem
2005-2006 Shiatsu in Bedrijf, Shiatsu stoelmasseur Arnhem
1992-1995 I.S.S. Internationale Shiatsu School en Makrobiotiek Antwerpen, Cranio-Sacrale therapie West-Malle
1990-1994 Internationale Mime studio Antwerpen
1985-1990 Mimeschool, Bewegingslessen, autodidact Amsterdam
1984-1985 Het Vestzak, theaterlessen Enschede
1974 -1980 VWO 4 /HAVO 5

Employment history

2021Jobmassage Viattence VaassenShiatsu chairmasseur
2020Jobmassage Viattence VaassenShiatsu chairmasseur
2019Jobmassage Menzis EnschedeShiatsu chairmasseur
2019Jobmassage Rabobank MeppelShiatsu chairmasseur
2019-2020TESORION EnschedeShiatsu chairmasseur
2019Helder Werk Provinciehuis ArnhemShiatsu chairmasseur
juli 2019Jobmassage Zilveren kruis LeeuwardenShiatsu chairmasseur
2019Helder Werk Provinciehuis ArnhemShiatsu chairmasseur
2019Jobmassage Cito ArnhemShiatsu chairmasseur
2019Jobmassage Zilveren Kruis ApeldoornShiatsu chairmasseur
2019Helder Werk KPN AmersfoortShiatsu chairmasseur
2019Jobmassage Menzis EnschedeShiatsu chairmasseur
2019Helder Werk IT&Care EnschedeShiatsu chairmasseur
2019Helder Werk ABN Amro UtrechtShiatsu chairmasseur
2015-2016AlifaLanguage volunteer
2009-2017Car accident/ Whiplash—-
2009Helder Werk R.V.S. EdeShiatsu chairmasseur
2008Business Meeting TwenteShiatsu chairmassages
2008Fransis Veen Shiatsu In BedrijfOwner
2008Randstad Uitzendbureau EnschedeCompany internship (SIB)
2007-2008Laboratorium Microbiologie EnschedeCompany internship (SIB)
2001-NuAnne NobelMother
1999-2000De Natuurwinkel EnschedeCooperator
1998Hotel Opdieck TexelCooperator
1997Theatergroep ‘La Fura del Baus’ AntwerpenActress
1996-1998Theatergroep ‘Woestijn’93 ‘Gamma van Stilte’ AntwerpenActress
1996Mexicaans restaurantWaitress
1995-1997De Vlaamse Opera Antwerpen ‘Puccini’ (regie Robert Carson)Noble Figure
1995-1997KASKA Koninklijke Akademie voor Schone Kunsten AntwerpenLive Model
1990Mimegroep Pyramide op de punt, ‘The Shadow of your smile’Actress
1990-NuSoka Gakkai InternationalActive member
1980-1984The WorldTraveller

About Fran Veen

Fran Veen is creative, caring, broadminded, flexible and independant. She likes movies, theatre, reading, sculpture, hiking and the sea. Fran speaks Dutch, English, German and French.

Nam myo ho renge kyo
Lifeforce is the key